Of Resort Fees and Good Times

Hi Vegas fans,

As I write you today, I consider myself very blessed. It's my 43rd birthday, and although I'm not in Las Vegas right now, I'm happy. I'm in a great relationship, my day job is great, my book is selling like hot cakes, and I'm healthy. What else could I ask for?

I know what you're thinking: "A trip to Vegas!" Yes, and it's coming in August. And as I plan my trip, I'm constantly looking at rates, flights, and what's going on in Vegas. The latest is that Caesars Entertainment Corp (CEC) is going to charge a resort fee. Most casinos on the Strip charge somewhere around $15 per day for this type of fee, which covers the pool, workout room and other amenities. If you don't use them, your loss. Most of us Vegas travelers find this annoying, but there's really no way around them right now. In all fairness, I have a win-win proposal for casinos. Execs, please listen up:

Make the resort fee an optional add-on fee. If you want to use the pool or workout room or other stuff, inform the guest at check-in that he or she must pay this fee. This will be added to your hotel bill per day per guest per room and is non-negotiable after you sign the agreement. If you sign, your room key allows you to access the stuff you paid for. If you do not agree, then your room key only gets you into your dwelling. Simple enough. It's a win-win. The guest cannot complain that he or she is paying an extra fee, and the hotel can cover expenses for all things that are extra.

Let's end this discussion about resort fees and get on with the fun. Pool season is coming up in Vegas, and good times are about to roll. We have more important things to discuss.

Thanks for your continued support. When all else fails, remember my motto... Go to Vegas. It's that simple.