Personal Choice

Hi Vegas fans,
I read a great article this afternoon on Yahoo called Stop Asking What Your Waiter Likes. It's Pointless. It's a very short article, and I encourage you to read it. It really hits home and confirms the major premise of my book: you know what you like, so don't let other people tell you what is "good" or "bad" about something for which you are going to spend your hard-earned money.

In Simplifying Las Vegas 2014, I share my ideas and tips, including a new itinerary section. But I always note that these are my thoughts and that you should really use my guide as just that: a tool to explore what you will like about the most exciting city in the world. If it's one thing my 20+ years of experience has taught me, it's that I learned that I loved Las Vegas because I have so many opportunities to have fun doing activities that I enjoy. It's my money and I'm going to make the most of it! I hope you do the same.