Factoring in Fun

Every day, we have responsibilities. Pay bills, go to work, pick up the dry cleaning, take the kids to practice, feed the dogs, put gas in the car. It's a list of "have to's" even if some of them we do because we love our friends and family.

When I'm in Vegas, I like fun and games. Vegas is the only place where I can forget about everything else and just have fun. When I was a kid, fun came easy through playtime. Matchbox cars, Legos, GI Joes all piqued my interest and my imagination. As I got older, I continued having fun, sometimes with "bigger kid" toys, like car model kits and sports. Now, as a responsible (well sort of) adult, I still like fun and games, but it can be harder to remember to have fun.

There is so much that I enjoy about spending time in Las Vegas. I like to sit at a blackjack table and enjoy a few cocktails. I like to roll the dice at craps and try to hit some points. If I start losing, I go hang out at the sports book and watch a game or a horse race. When I'm done with that, I'll just walk the Strip and take some pictures for the book and the website. I'll hang out at the pool or a bar and have a few drinks. I'll go to the art gallery at Bellagio or buy some souvenirs.

Whatever I do, it's my way of having fun. Even being stuck in traffic on the Strip is better than being stuck in traffic when I'm on my way to work. It's an opportunity to take pictures like this:

I don't plan everything when I go to Vegas. Heck, sometimes I don't plan much at all. I'll chat ahead of time with the love of my life, Jennifer, and my best friend Steve, who are always going with me to Vegas. Sometimes we'll plan a show or a dinner or something, but usually we just show up. And have fun. And that's the way we like it. Good, spontaneous fun. It recharges the batteries and gives you the energy you need to deal with life when you get back to the real world. The bills, the job, the car and so on will always be there. So don't forget to factor in fun.