Simplifying Las Vegas Blog Posts - 8 Years of Fun (So Far)

I looked back at some older posts today. I couldn't believe that I've been blogging about Las Vegas since 2006. To my surprise, my first few posts have some of the same topics that are important in Las Vegas today, like money-saving tips when booking a trip, taxis, and downtown opportunities. The blog posts are important to me because they help me with my book.

My first cover in 2008
Las Vegas is very different, for sure, and when I think back to 2008, when I first published Simplifying Las Vegas, so much has changed in the publishing landscape. Back then, Amazon's Kindle Desktop Publishing program was new for authors like me.

I have learned a great deal since that first book. I've made improvements to the content, the layout, and the tips in every single book. It now takes me the good part of a year to review and revise SLV.

The latest version
Back then, I didn't know what it would lead to, I didn't know what to expect. Sure, I hoped Oprah would invite me to her show to talk about it as one of her favorite books. I would jump up and down on her couch and say "I'm in love with Las Vegas!" Never happened. But that's ok.

I'll keep writing. I think it's worth it. Forty million people a year visit Las Vegas. Now if everyone bought one or two copies of my book, I'd be doing ok. But if not, I'm still doing ok. Visiting Las Vegas and writing about Las Vegas is just one of those things I'll always do.

So if you want to support my habit, keep sending me emails, commenting on this blog, and visiting Las Vegas. Oh, and buy a copy or two of my book.