Stratosphere Wants Us to Take Back Vegas!

Kudos, Stratosphere!
I love your new campaign. It's a little risky because you may alienate people with lots of money, but I think it makes an important statement. One of the things I have always loved about Las Vegas is that whether you are a shmo or a super-important celebrity, there has always been a place for you. However, there are fewer and fewer places that cater to the grinds, the low rollers, the average Joe and Jane. It doesn't have to be that way.

There is no reason that properties can create a fun, relaxed atmosphere while still promoting high-end merchandise for those who can afford it. Treasure Island (TI) is a great example of this. TI is mid-strip and you can see the beautiful Mystere show or catch bikini bull riding at Gillies. The casino is small but contains many lower-minimum tables and machines; it is also very clean and appealing to everyone. Restaurants range from the posh Phil's Italian Steakhouse to the pretty simple Señor Frog's Mexican restaurant and bar. Balance - it's a good thing.

The Strat has always been more of a joint for the low roller. Perhaps being on the very northern boundary of the Strip (some say it's not a Strip property at all… but it's close) has lead to its complex of not being the Wynn or Bellagio. Or perhaps they just don't care to be a fancy-pants place. In any event, I love visiting the Strat and spending a few dollars in their casino, sports book, and moderate restaurants. I've stayed there many times, and the rooms aren't spectacular, but heck, at their prices you don't expect them to be. 

The Strat borders on a neighborhood that you wouldn't write home to momma about, but I've never had a problem. Like anywhere in Las Vegas (or any major city), you should know where you are going, you have to be aware of your surroundings, and you shouldn't walk around alone late at night.

One way the Strat could improve on its Take Back Vegas program is to reduce or remove the resort fees. These are getting obscene in Las Vegas, and while the Strat's is not as bad as mid-Strip properties, it's still around $18, which is too much.

Aside from that, I love the Strat. It is not pretentious, which is nice considering some of the trends in Vegas.