What's Your Vegas Playlist?

Hi Vegas fans,
Last week I wrote about my favorite Vegas movies. This week, I'm thinking about music. I sometimes create a special playlist on my phone for Vegas trips. Some trips have included alt-rock anthems that I wanted as pump-up songs as I drove down the Strip or travel songs that I like to listen to as soon as I've settled into my seat on the plane.

Past trips have also included some Vegas-themed music, including Sheryl Crow ("Leaving Las Vegas"), Drive-By-Truckers ("Check Out Time in Vegas") and, of course, Elvis ("Viva Las Vegas").

This trip, I'm going to buy a bunch of songs that I don't have on my phone yet, mostly with "Vegas" in the title. Here's what I'm thinking:

  • Frank Sinatra - Luck be a Lady
  • Sara Bareilles - Vegas
  • Katy Perry - Waking Up in Vegas
  • Tennis - Vegas
  • Semi Precious Weapons - Vegas
  • David Gray - Snow in Vegas
  • Brandon Flowers - Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas
  • Ray Charles - Blackjack

That's all I've come up with so far. Every trip needs theme music, whether it's a guy's get-away, a gal's weekend, a family vacation, or a romantic honeymoon. Think about the music on your favorite device. Is it Vegas ready? What is your ultimate Vegas playlist?