Simplifying Las Vegas - Weddings

Ahh... the joy and bliss of marriage. And what says "I love you" more than having Elvis or King Arthur perform your ceremony? Nothing, as far as I'm concerned. The best way to search this table is to select a location/name from the drop-down box. You can also enter specific information about a wedding chapel in the field.

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Chapel Info


An incredible array of packages ranging in price from $1000 for a renewal of vows to over $15k for a wine and dine package for you and your closest 40-50 guests.In addition to the chapel, you can marry at the pool, the Waterfall, a Fireside Lounge, at the Buddha statue, or at the Dale Chihuly gallery. Talk about picturesque wedding venues!

Phone: 877-371-2742
Local: 702-590-5673

Always and Forever


2902 Lake E Dr Las Vegas

Their luxury estate can accomidate 50 - 100 guests. Plenty of packages and options to choose from on their website. Weddings at off-site destinations, including Lake Las Vegas , Valley of Fire , and Mt. Charleston , are also available.

Phone: 800.259.2978
Local: 702.318.5683



Two venues are available. The South Chapel is for larger parties and can accommodate over 130 guests. The East Chapel seats 30 people. There are lots of extra amenities available, including photography, video/dvd taping, flowers, and personalized ceremonies. Plenty of packages and a great wedding brochure.

Phone: 888.987.3344
Local: 702.693.7700

Caesars Palace

Wedding venues fit for an emperor/empress. Caesars boasts 5 chapels, indoor and outdoor, ranging in size to seat from 35 to 196 guests. Check out their wedding brochure for details.

Phone: (800) 634-6001 ext. 7766

chappelle de l'amour

255 E. Bonneville Ave
Plenty of packages with a punch. They start at $199 for 10 guests and go up to $1495 for 20 guests. There is even an Elvis package.

Local: 702.685.4111

Circus Circus

A full-service Las Vegas wedding chapel.Traditional Weddings begin at $325 and the works will run over $1000. Check out their brochure.

Phone: 800.634.6717
Local: 702.794.3777

Encore The Zen Ceremony package at Trinity Hall (at The Spa at Encore) will relax you on your wedding day. The package costs about $4800. The Hall can seat 10 guests. You can Zen any day of the week after 9 pm (after the Spa closes, so that you don't see guests with facial masks and cucumbers on their eyes). Office hours: Daily 9 am to 5 pm Contact Info: 888-320-7115


Canterbury Wedding Chapel

Seven packages are available and range from $199 for under 20 guests to $1575 for 100 guests. Extra services include photography, video recording, fresh flowers, and even medieval costumes for rent. How’s that for a night your knight in shining armor won’t soon forget!

There's also plenty of information about their receptions.

Office hours:

Sunday - Friday: 9 am to 6:30 pm

Saturday: 9 am to midnight

Contact info: 800-811-4320


Seven indoor and outdoor locations (including the High Roller) can accommodate 8 to 100 people. Several different packages range from $525 (6569 on weekends) to about $9185 for a wedding with all the works ($11,165 on weekends). Note that you can add a gazebo or West Lawn ceremony to any package for an extra $150. Other extra fees may apply. The Flamingo also has discounted packages that include rooms at the Flamingo.

Optional services include flowers, photography, video services, and more.

Office hours:

Sunday - Friday: 9 am to 7 pm; Saturday: 9 am to 9 pm

Weddings can be booked beyond office hours

Contact info: 800 933-7993

Four Seasons

The 4S offers two packages, which are fairly comprehensive. They also are happy to customize your wedding/reception and have a host of amenities.

For smaller weddings, they recommend suites. You can also choose to have an outdoor wedding or one of their ballrooms.

Contact Info: 702-632-5210

Golden Nugget

A modest chapel offers an elegant setting for a reasonable price.

One chapel and a few nicely priced packages. A renewal of vows package is available at $399 (Monday - Thursday). There are also packages that start at $675 for the basics and can go up to $2750 for a poolside paradise event. Additional services are available.

Open daily 8:30am to 6 pm

Contact info: 800-777-4658

Green Valley Ranch

Several packages are available.They price their weddings a little differently than other places. There is a site fee (depending on where you want your wedding) and then a package fee. The package fees run $1500 to $7000. The site fees are broken down into indoor and outdoor venues. The indoor venues begin at $500 (2-15 people) and go up to $1500 (50-400 people). You can also book the pool for 50-450 guests. Indoor venues range from $500 (5-25 people) to $2500 for a ballroom (20-2000 guests). Flowers, DJs, rehearsal dinners, etc. are available for an additional fee.

Contact info: 702 -617-7788

Little Chapel of the Flowers

1717 Las Vegas Blvd South

There are three chapels, gardens, and a gazebo. The chapels can seat from 30 to 70 guests. The gazebo can seat up to 8 people, and the adjacent garden can provides an additional seating for up to 35 guests (you must rent chairs for the garden).

Phone: 800.843.2410
Local: 702.735.4331

Little White Wedding Chapel


1301 Las Vegas Blvd South

Five chapels and a drive-thru service are available. This chapel is host to some pretty famous celebrity weddings, including Michael Jordan, Joan Collins, Britney Spears, Judy Garland, and many more!


The Chapel at Luxor offers religious, non-denominational or civil services. Several different packages and renewal ceremonies are available.  They cost from $299 to a diamond package for $1625. Like variety? Luxor has plenty of it. Additional services and amenities are available for an extra cost.

Phone: 866.458.8968

M Resort

M Resort is all about modern elligance. Although it is off-Strip, it reminds me of most of the newer Strip hotel/casinos, and their prices are typically lower for everything, including weddings.

At M Resort, you have three locations to choose from for your special day: the Pool, Anthony's Terrace Restaurant, or the LUX (think luxury) Suites.

For your wedding package, you can choose from an all-inclusive deal (Villaggio Pool $3,500.00
Anthony's Terrace or LUX $2,500.00) or build your own (Villaggio Pool $1,500.00
LUX or Anthony's Terrace $1,200.00). Then you can choose a reception package. They begin at $90 per person for a day time event to $140 per person.

Check out their Wedding Package brochure for more information.

Contact info: 702-797-1919

Mandalay Bay

Mandalay Bay has a ton of information on their website dedicated to weddings. They made The Knot's list for best weddings in 2008, 2009 and 2011. They have a wedding chapel and no less than 10 locations where you can tie the knot, such as a ceremony at the Shark Reef Aquarium.

There are a gazillion plans available, ranging from the simple, $850 ceremony in a suite, to the Alluring Breeze luxury plan at $7600 ($7800 on weekends). Sales tax not included. You can combine items by including Add On Plans to certain ceremonies. It's a mix and match world at Mandalay Bay.

Phone: 877.632.7701
Local: 702.632.7490

MGM Grand

The chapels include the Legacy Chapel, which accommodates up to 70 guests, or the Cherish Chapel, which seats about 45. MGM Grand has won some awards for their weddings, including the knot and Wedding Wire.

The MGM has a grand amount of options and packages and gives a lot of detailed information on their website, including rehearsal dinner arrangements, specific costs of extra floral, photography, and videography arrangements, and marriage requirements. Want to know what size your doilies will be? No problem, just go to the website!

There are eight packages, starting at $1300 and going up to $5985 for a Joel Robuchon terrace wedding.

Phone: 866.381.3844


Mirage has a great PDF that explains a lot of their services plainly and thoroughly. Nearly 50 pages of information describe everything from flowers to table settings to chairs.

Mirage has 3 options for wedding settings: the pool, the volcano, and banquet rooms. The pool can seat 2-100 guests, and volcano can accomodate up to 25 people, standing room.

Phone: 702.791.7155

Mon Bel Ami Wedding Chapel

Mon Bel Ami Wedding Chapel is dedicated to helping couples make their wedding day perfect. Located at 607 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas. Chapel weddings and outdoor weddings available. Plenty of pacakages available.

Phone: 866.503.4400
Local: 702.388.4445

Monte Carlo

The ballroom can accomodate a large number of guests. They also have alternate venues, such as the Terrace, the Pools, Diablo's restaurant, and suites.

Their brochure has some info about the types of packages available. You can design your own ceremony (starting at $250) or choose one of theirs (starting at $385).

Optional services include additional flowers and catering.

Monday - Thursday: 8 am to midnight
Friday & Saturday: 24 hours

Weddings can be booked beyond office hours

Contact Info: 800-822-8651
email at


Two chapels can accommodate 30 guests or 90 guests. There are also opportunities to have your wedding at the Eiffel Tower or by the pool.

A host of packages can suit your needs and budget. The basic package costs $600.00 (Monday – Thursday in either chapel; on weekends you must spend at least $1000 in additional services). The all-inclusive package is $6600.

Paris’ website has a great deal of information and details about the packages and other information.

Office Hours:

Daily: 10 am to 5 pm

Weddings can be booked beyond office hours

Contact Info: 877-650-5021

Planet Hollywood

They have a very informative website, including FAQs, information regarding receptions, amenities, and a form for you to request more info. Eleven packages, all of them have movie names. The basic package starts at $525 (Sun-Thurs only) and the top of the line costs $10,000 (Sun - Sat only). Tax is not included.

Contact Info: 702-785-5933

Phone: 702.785.5933


From simple to sublime, the Plaza can suit you wedding needs. There are 5 basic packages, from $399 to $600, plus a lot of add-ons.

Contact Info: 702-386-2584

Red Rock Resort One of the Knot's "best of weddings" picks. Wedding packages range from $90 per guest to $240 per guest.


The Riviera Royale Chapel can accomodate up to 60 guests and features a baby grand piano and marble floors; receptions are also available.

Numerous packages are available, ranging in price from $279 to $3000 (plus tax) for the ultimate wedding package, including a 2-night stay at the Riv.

Contact Info: 1-800-242-7322

Sam's Town

Enjoy a wedding at Mystic Falls Park, and you can hold a reception outdoors or in one of their banquet rooms. Lots of details about wedding packages and reception packages.

Phone: 800.897.8696


At Silverton, you can have a traditional wedding. Or, because this is Las Vegas, you can do something a little different. And by a little different, I mean in the aquarium. Not at the aquarium, in the aquarium! Complete with scuba gear and mermaids instead of bridesmaids.

They have seven packages, many of them themed. Of course, there's the traditional package, with a ceremony, rehearsal dinner and reception at Veil Pavilion. And of course then there's the "let's get married in the tank" thing.

Phone: 866.668.6688


Chapel in the Clouds makes you feel like your head is in the clouds, too - 800 feet above ground, in fact! Bella Luna Salon 20 seats guests. The Observation Deck can accommodate 240. And there's also Level 112 if you want a small wedding with a private balcony and a view that will knock your wedding socks off of a very tall observation tower.

There are a good number of packages to choose from, including thrill ride weddings and smaller ceremonies at the top of the tower. My favorite is the "I Was Just Kidding Fake Ceremony," where you trick your friends/ family into thinking you are getting married, but you really are not. I swear I am not making this up.

The basic deal costs $199 on the Observation deck, indoor or outdoor (holidays = $249). The most expensive package is $3,249 (Sunday - Thursday; $3,549 on Friday, Saturday and holidays). Of course, you can add Elvis to any package for $500.

Phone: 800.789.9436

Texas Station

Two chapels are available and can accommodate from 100 to 200 guests

Choose from one of three packages, but they can be customized to suit your options and Bachelorette/Bachelor parties - yee haa!!

Contact Info: Toll free 800-654-8804

Treasure Island

The Chapel can seat up to 65 guests. Lots of packages that range from $435 to $1700 ($2000 on weekends).Optional services include photo packages that can be added to any pricing package.

Phone: 800.866.4748


The Trop has three chapels:
Island Chapel can hold up to 100 guests
Island Arbor seats 30
Island Courtyard accomodates 150

Seven packages range from $300 (Mon-Thurs) to $1300 ($1500 on weekends).

Phone: 800.280.1187


The Tuscany Chapel can seat up to 100 guests. The ministers are non-denominational and can perform religious or civil ceremonies. The chapel provides music, floral, photography, and videography. All services can be upgraded.

Packages run from $395 ($495 on weekends) to $1695 ($1795 on weekends).

Phone: 888.248.8077

Vegas Weddings

They have two different physical chapel locations. Each location has different wedding venues and a reception hall.

The new chapel is located at 555 South 3rd St and the original chapel is located at 320 South 3rd St. The Casino Chapel inside 320 was just recently remodeled and featured on ANimal Planet's Tv Series, Tanked.

Packages start from a drive-through experience at $89 to outdoor weddings at $699 to custom packages. Lots of great info on their website.

Phone: 702-WEDDING (702 933-3464)


Packages include indoor and outdoor ceremonies

The Venetian has a great website with tons of details about their venues and pricing.

Phone: 866.548.1807


There are two salons: the Lilac Salon seats 65, the Lavender Salon can accommodate 120. There is also the Primrose Court (courtyard) which can hold up to 100 guests. Eight ceremonies are available at the Wynn, ranging in price from $2190 ($2690 on Saturdays after 2 p.m.) to $23,590 ($24,090 on Saturdays after 2 p.m.).

Phone: 888.320.7115